Mar 30, 2012

Cashle Hack 2012 1.2v

100% Free download
Earn money for trying new things

Cashle pays you to participate in surveys, contests, games, and other fun stuff
1. Sign up free

Join Cashle at no cost.
Your privacy is guaranteed.
2. Earn money

Complete surveys, win contests,
and earn money while shopping!
3. Get paid daily

Receive payouts by Paypal,
check or gift card!

Q: Does this really work and is it completely free?

A: Yes, Points2Shop is completely free to use. There are many ways to earn points, or money if you use the platform. Points2shop works with different advertisers. They give points2shop their banners, and their links. Points2shop then has members who are interested in that offer who use the Points2Shop link to that offer. When that offer is used, points2shop gets paid for sending the customer to that website. When points2shop gets paid, we pay a big portion of that to the members who complete the offers.

Q: Do I have to register for Cashle too?

A: No, If you register on Points2Shop, you are automatically registered on Cashle as well.

Q: Does it cost money to sign up for Points2Shop and Cashle?

A: No, it doesn't. It's a free membership.

Q: Can I join without a credit card?

A: Joining Points2Shop does not require a credit card. Several offers, however, do require you to buy something using your credit card. If you do not want to give out your credit card number, there are many other free offers that you can take a part in to earn points.

    Three ref. levels for American members: 15%, 3%, 2%
    Receive up to $1.00 for every American or UK member you refer!
    Fast and friendly support by site, IM and Shoutbox!

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